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Create your own V Series Rocker

We now give you the opportunity to create your own custom Carling Technologies V Series Contura V rocker, per piece! So no box quantities needed anymore, you can customize your yacht or vehicle panel however you want.

You can also find the switch base and accessories, like connectors, sealings and USB chargers in our webshop.

In just takes 2 simple steps :

  1. Choose the orientation of the actuator

  2. Decide if you want to use 1 icon , 2 icons , or as the industrie standard select 1 icon on top and a bar lens below. We have 200 + available standard Carling Technologies icons to choose from.

Click here to start customizing your actuator

If there are any questions please feel to give us a call + 31 343 517 363 or send us a email

* We can also laser etch actuators with your own supplied icons *

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