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Distributed Power Control & Monitoring Systems

Octoplex Lite


The OctoLite® distributed power control and monitoring system puts the user in control while providing greater safety and reliability in an easy to operate system. This flexible-to-configure system includes devices such as multi-function touchscreen display, configurable keypad, multiplex switch module, solid-state power controller, bypass module, and AC distributed power module. Together, these devices provide:

• Easy installation and reduced wiring complexity
• Intuitive and easy to use HMI modules
• Extensive load monitoring capabilities
• Remotely controlled AC distributed power unit
• Bypass module for manual control of the critical loads

The OctoLite system can interface with the Carling Technologies version of N2KView® software with remote monitoring capabilities for ease of use and any-time accessibility to the system status. The OctoLite System can also be used in conjunction with Garmin’s® OneHelm™ GPSMAP® 8400/8600 MFD.





When used in conjunction with the CLM-Series, the CBM-Series Bypass Module provides manual control of the loads in case of system failures. It utilizes standard fuses for overcurrent protection and 12 Carling Curvette® rocker switches for manual control of each load.

The maximum current capacity for CLM-Series is 75 Amps in 12VDCand 24VDC power systems. This unit is available with either Molex® or DEUTSCH connectors for installation flexibility.


CKM Series

The CKM-Series is a customizable keypad featuring laser etched legends and dimmable LED function lights for each button. The LEDs also provide diagnostics when fault conditions are detected.

With the rugged mechanical packaging (IP69), the CKM-Series can be installed inside or outside the cabin. The low-profile design offers a seamless dashboard look and it can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

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