Circuit Protection


Carling Technologies offers a complete line of circuit protection products, from 3 to 40 amp push button thermal circuit breakers, to an expansive 0.02 to 700 amp range of hydraulic/magnetic circuit breakers, to 0.10 to 50 amp Equipment Leakage and Ground Fault circuit protectors. 

With a full complement of sizes and ratings providing current or voltage sensing, Carling gives you the options. Carling offers a multitude of circuit breaker features including precise time delays from instantaneous to ultra-long, Visi-Rocker actuators of two colors to indicate ON or OFF, illuminated actuators, actuator guards, actuator mid-position trip-only indication with or without alarm switch, auxiliary switches in trip-only or standard configuration, special circuits, dual coil functions, front panel snap-in mountings, rocker panel plugs, power selector device, custom housing and actuator colors with the latest in styling, and more. Several Carling breaker series also are available with ignition protection (UL1500).

Hydraulic/ Magnetic
Circuit Breakers


Hydraulic/Magnetic circuit breakers provide highly precise, reliable and cost effective solutions to most design challenges. They are considered temperature stable and are thus not appreciably affected by changes in ambient temperature.

Circuit Breakers


Thermal circuit protectors utilize a bimetallic strip electrically in series with the circuit. The heat generated by the current during an overload deforms the bimetallic strip and trips the breaker.


Equipment Leakage &
Groundfault Circuit Br.


Carling Equipment Leakage & Ground Fault Circuit Breakers combine the ground fault protection of a GFCI with the familiar overcurrent tripping characteristics of a normal circuit breaker.

Power Distribution Unit


Versatile design allows custom configurations of branch circuits based on application Circuit breakers snap-in to Carling's exclusive circuit breaker mounting block, no need to hard wire breakers

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